Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reactivating my blog (I hope!)

It's almost 2am in Bangkok but I can't seem to drift off to sleep, which is quite surprising actually, cos I've been awake since 9am this morning and was out at the play gym the whole afternoon with the kids, running and chasing them around, bouncing on trampolines and whizzing down slides, so I SHOULD be totally knocked out by now, but nope, terkebil-kebil here right now.

And so, I have decided that I shall TRY to reactivate my blog. Let's see where it goes from here.

Today, I built a giraffe out of block pieces (or whatever u call these stuff),

...watched Renee color pictures after pictures after pictures of weird looking mushrooms and houses,

...and paid 40baht to go on a Merry-Go-Round where Dylan started screaming the minute the ride started so I had to carry him throughout,

...and Renee was allowed to pick out a "princess dress" to wear so she could 'belong' in the whole princess-riding-horse theme of the ride.

(Yup, she wore the dress over her t-shirt n leggings so it looks weird but it's okay cos she's happy).

Looking forward to having her go back to school next week, and to London in October. Can't wait!

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