Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Turning 32

And so, I turned 32.

Unlike every other year where I get depressed about turning a year older, this year, I actually felt blessed.

I guess it's because of all the sad and morbid news around - people I know dead or dying, friends of people I know dead or dying (just from Feb - Apr this yr there were more than 8 deaths), parents losing their children due to kidnapping/illnesses/accidents/etc., and so on.

So to be healthy and alive at the age of 32, with 2 healthy kids, a wonderful though somewhat of a nag husband and surrounded by my beloved family members (all intact and healthy!), it's a HUGE deal to be thankful for.

My birthday wish this year is not to have less wrinkles or more money, but to be able to have the chance to celebrate another birthday next year, healthy and surrounded by my husband, my 2 kids and all my family members as I did this year (although having less wrinkles and more money is welcomed too)!