Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yup, my little baby girl is the latest victim of this annoying virus going around targeting kids.

She's got the whole works.

Started off with a fever that peaked at 38.5 degrees. Followed by horrible splotches of huge white ulcers inside her mouth and tongue and of course the red spots on the feet and hands.

Its really heart-breaking to see my little girl go through this because, seriously, at my age and with one teeny weeny little ulcer on my tongue, I'm already whining away non-stop. What more having a whole mouth and tongue full of it.

But she's strong. And thank goodness for us and her, she's still eating and drinking as normal, although she may be cranky at times, especially during her sleep.

So i guess its either the ulcers aren't hurting her that much, or she has a super high threshold for pain. Whichever it is, its a good thing.

Looks like i won't be starting her in daycare as planned. Not until she's fully recovered.