Monday, August 6, 2012

Life in Bkk - An Introduction

Today marks the end of our 46th day living in Bangkok, and the start of our 2nd week living in what will be our home here for the next one year (or so before we upgrade to a bigger space).

Before we came here, I was beating myself up worrying over whether I would like it here, if I could get used to not having a car to go around in, the people, the place, everything, but surprisingly, Bangkok is a wonderful place to live in and I'm starting to really like it here.

No doubt I may be car-less, or have communication breakdown with almost everyone I meet, but I've learnt to love not having what I had back in KL.

I love not having a car now because the public transportation here is aplenty and convenient. Plus, the walking has toned up my leg muscles, and increased my stamina. Also, the traffic here is atrocious!

I love not being able to speak the local language because I absolutely love the feeling of coming across someone who does speaks my language and fluently too!

And most of all, I love having a whole new place for me to venture out into and discover new things! Of cos this also includes discovering new shopping havens!

But what I love most about this country is that the people are all very religious, spiritual and loyal to their King.

This means that the people here would never hurt me to steal from me. I'm not saying that they won't steal from me. There are a lot of pick-pocketing and conning happening still. I'm saying that these people would never intentionally hurt you just to steal from you.

I've never felt so safe walking out alone with both my kids as I do here. Back in KL, even driving out does not make me feel as safe.

But having said that, no matter how much I am beginning to like it here, I still miss KL very much. I miss being familiar with all the roads and shopping malls. I miss being near to my family and of course, I miss my friends too.

But God has plans for all of us, and for now, He has decided that Bangkok is where we will be. I just pray that all will be well with His guidance and love as we start our new adventure here.