Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's coming to the end of the year

...and it's that time again to make new (or unfulfilled) resolutions.
So, here are my resolutions for 2010:
1. to secure my first deal for my new company
2. to get myself a blackberry (ONLY if I successfully fulfill resolution #1)
3. to wean Renee off breastmilk...hahaha!
4. to try for baby #2
5. to save as much moo-lah as possible (hubby will probably laugh his head off when he reads this)
6. to unpack all my boxes on my upstairs landing
So, wish me luck...
On another note....
I really have no idea what's going on through her mind but my maid told us that she's 'setengah gila'. Yes. She did. Last night.
I was so numb I didn't know how to react so I continued eating my lobak.
But hubby hit the ceiling.
So, it's end of the year and everyone's happy and I'm stuck with a maid who's half crazy.
This is my life.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Chris & Shandy

My little baby cousin Chris got married yesterday and it was a huge affair!
Nissan Skyline as the wedding car, followed by a Ferrari, and BMW Z4, and so many other fancy cars I don't even know....the guys at the wedding had a great time oogling the pretty cars, the pretty girls and the even more gorgeous bride.
I was too busy running after Renee that I didn't even have time to eat.
Such luck huh.
So, now that Godma's children are all married, it's mummy's children next.
Well, I'm off the list.
Next comes Jodie and Sarah.
It was my first time to 'yum cha' yesterday and I was so excited!
My next time would be when Cuz Doug and Jane gets married in 2011.
Some relatives asked me, in between no chance to yum cha?
And I replied. "Well, Sarah's still so young. So definitely 2nd time will be Doug's wedding"
They asked back, "What about Jodie?"
And I said, "Aiyah, I think I drink Renee's tea also belum drink Jodie's tea lah!"
Unless YOU would like to prove me wrong *grin*

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Christmas time

It's the first Christmas we're celebrating in our own home this year and it's so exciting!
Buying our own tree, putting up decorations in our own humble abode....
So I started asking around where Christmas trees are cheap.
Some told me I could get a 5" tree for RM200.
Some said RM350 for a 6" one.
And hubby even suggested a LIVE tree from IKEA, for only RM149 and it includes FREE delivery too.
But I was thinking, where the hell am I going to put the LIVE tree inside my house?
Cos what's the use of getting a Christmas tree if I had to put it outside in the garden right?
In the end, I found out that Petaling Street sold Christmas decors at a terribly fantastic price, so off we trooped down one weekend.
I got my 5" tree for ONLY RM35.90!
Party or what?!
So I happily came home and started putting up the tree.
I totally forgot about the fact that I had a little anak yang sungguh terror.
Each time I tried to put up the decor on the tree.
She reached up and pulled it back down.
caught red-handed!
It took me so long to put up the tree, I almost gave up and just give her all the balls to play with.
My theme this year....
...red and silver
Next year, I'm going for blue and brown.
I went back to Petaling Street the following week and bought even more decorations.
I so feel like Mrs. Claus now!