Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Happenings

Last Saturday

The four of us went to Empire for Christmas shopping and dinner.
For the first time.
As a family.
It was fun but it was also stressful.
Had to feed Dylan in Madam Kwan when SK wanted to stop there for early dinner.
At 6pm.
Of course, only he (and Dylan), had their food.
And then when we stopped at Lameeya for proper dinner at 8.30pm, Dylan also woke up for his next feed.
I thought there was a nursing room in Tangs and rushed there with a wailing Dylan.
Only to be told that there was NO nursing room in Tangs and that the ONLY nursing room available was one floor above at the OTHER END from where I was -_-'

At least now I know where the nursing room in Empire is.

 trying on clothes before leaving for Empire.
still could not fit into any of my skinnies.

 Renee and Dylan in the twin stroller for the first time.
both deep asleep when we arrived at Empire.

Last Sunday

Was Shanya's baptism-cum-fullmoon do at Godma's house.
We didn't go to church for the baptism.
But we made it to Godm'as house for the fullmoon luncheon.
As usual, we arrived late.
Lunch started at 2pm.
We arrived at almost 3pm *blush*

 my first ever taste of macaroons.
and it's the famous ones from Nathalie Gourmet Studios.
i'm no longer a macaroon virgin!

 Shanya Charisse Ravindran.
Born Oct 26th, 2011.
Weighing 3.55kgs at birth.

 at home before leaving for Godma's house.
holding her precious pringles.
waiting for me to finish feeding Dylan.

 a fully-fed and satisfied Dylan.

 Daddy carrying Dylan for the first time.
See how stressed up he looks.

 pretty scarves from Chiang Mai.
souvenirs from cousin Michele.
picked a turquoise one for Sarah, a reddish-orange one for Jodie and a psychedelic one for myself!
 4 generations in the family.
grandma, me, mummy, Dylan, Shanya, Godma, Lynette & grandpa.

Random Pictures

testing out my new toy ;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

So u think I am very free?

Yes. Looking after a house, handling a 3yo toddler and managing a newborn all at the same time is the easiest job in the world.

That's what people think. Isn't it?

Here's the reality okay.

I feel like a fucking feeding machine! Out of 24hrs in a day, I think I spend 18 freaking hours just on feeding and burping alone.

The remaining 6 hrs is used to bathe and diaper change Dylan, bathe and feed Renee, bathe and feed myself, tidy up the house (because nobody helps me!!!) and do the laundry ie. wash, dry, fold, put back in wardrobe. And all these done around Dylan's unpredictable sleeping times.

Yes. There is no 'sleep' in that list because there IS NO SLEEP!

There is no sleep during daytime because if I'm even lucky, I get at least 2 hrs straight to rush through my shower, prepare lunch and make sure Renee and I have our food.

Usually, before I can even finish lunch, Dylan wakes up dy and I end up spending the next 2 hrs feeding him and trying to put him back to sleep.

When he finally goes back to sleep, I get to finish up my already cold lunch, wash up the dishes, do laundry, tidy up the house a bit and give Renee her bath.

Usually though, I only get to finish up my lunch, wash dishes and bathe Renee before he wakes up again. Then the next 2 hrs is again spent on feeding and trying to put him back to sleep.

If I'm lucky, I get to do laundry and tidy up house. If I'm not, then that will have to wait till tomorrow, or at most times, I rush through it while leaving Dylan to wail away in his cot / basinet.

And then it's rushing to prep and feed Renee dinner, wash up dishes and then prepare Dylan for night wipe down and bed time.

All through the nite is the same thing. If I'm lucky, he sleeps straight 2 hrs before his next feed so I get sleep as well. But again, that's usually not the case.

He feeds, fusses, burps and sleeps. By the time I get my mind to relax and fall asleep, he's awake for his next feed.

Either that or I have to change his diapers.

Either that or it's because I have a snoring machine AND a squealing machine in the same room as me.

And by the time I get to have some decent sleep, it's time to wake up and start the day all over again.

No. I'm not complaining.

After all, it was my choice to stay home and look after my own children and my house.

But DO NOT, for a second, think that I'm very free at home.

DO NOT, for a second, think that I'm getting so much sleep that I 'should' wake up earlier to get more things done.

Because I am NOT free and I'm certainly NOT getting enough sleep!

So please, bear with my 'lack of patience' and my 'absentmindedness' okay.

Because I think I'm doing a pretty good job as it is already.

Unless you think you can do better?