Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm not neglecting you, I just don't know what to do

Oh dear, and here I thought that with a new blog, I'd be a bit more 'rajin' in updating. Looks like my new blog is being neglected as well.
To be honest, I have loads of things to blog about. Tonnes of them.
But if only I was allowed to.
Most of them are personal.
And not being able to talk about it to anyone, or even to blog about it in my own site, is eating me alive.
What's the use of having a blog then right?
If I can't even use it to vent out my own frustrations.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It feels like as if I lost 2 people in the pass few days.
My Yeh-Yeh is definitely gone and there's nothing we can do to bring him back.
But I know deep down inside he's very much happier wherever he is because he no longer has to listen to Mama rant and nag and moan and groan about the whole world to him from morning till night.
The 2nd person I feel like I've lost is not dead.
In fact, he's in China.
And will only be there for a year.
And yet, I still feel a deep lost.
And I don't know why.
You know, I've got this cousin that's really stupid.
On the day of Yeh-Yeh's cremation, after everything was done and we were about to leave, he came up to me and told me this.
Him: You know, Amy (his wife) can feel all these supernatural things and she told me that Yeh-Yeh is feeling very hot.
Me: Hello, he was cremated. Of course he's hot!
Damn stupid right.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


September 11th, 2009.
Aged 85.
Leaving behind a wife.
2 sons, 2 daughters.
2 daughter-in-laws, 2 son-in-laws.
5 grandsons, 6 grand-daughters.
2 great-grand-daughters, 1 great-grandson.
We'll miss you greatly.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fraser's Hill

Cool, fresh air.
Birds chirping in the morning, crickets singing in the night.
Deep silence after midnight.
Cool sunlight dancing in your hair.
A place where life is relaxed and slow.
Total opposite of the city life that we're all used to.
A place where my sisters and I grew up as children.
Of course only on weekends as we school on weekdays.
The last time we were up there was about 10 years ago. Or maybe more.
So being there again after so long, the rush of memories almost knocked me over.
Only this time, I'm not there as a little girl anymore.
But as a mummy sharing her childhood with her daughter.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


A week of drama.
Maid's husband left her for another woman.
Of course she's an emotional wreck.
Who wouldn't be?
Here she is, working her ass off so that she can support you and your son and what do you do?
You run off with the first woman you see.
You think she wants to come here and work as a maid?
She's only doing that because her old job back in her own country wasn't paying enough.
And you weren't doing what you were suppose to be - supporting her!
So stupid.
Useless, freaking, ungrateful, brainless jerks who only think with their dicks.
Got brains for what?
Oh yah, forgot, you're brainless.
And because of you and your dickhead, I lost a whole night's worth of sleep.
Like LITERALLY a whole night, okay!
I had to stay up till 6am to console your grieving wife.
She's better off without you.
Thank goodness for her, I'm a good Ma'am.
And thank goodness for me, we're going away for a little weekend holiday tomorrow.