Monday, May 7, 2012

Dancing Fish

It's almost 2am and I can't sleep.
Super hungry.
Half an hour ago, I already whacked 4 slices of pork floss sandwiches and 2 beh teh saws.
Still hungry!
But dunno what to eat anymore.
So I decided to blog :/

This is me today:
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Romp

Went to Dancing Fish for dinner with the Puff-Puff girls. Also to celebrate Mich's birthday and her first Mother's Day!

The restaurant serves Malay-Indon cuisine and the food was just oh-so-effing-awesome I cannot!

There were 6 of us all together (not including the kids) and Tjin and I went on a rampage while ordering. I think we almost about ordered everything on the menu!

Mich was like you both could have just told the waiter what you DON'T WANT from the menu lor.

We ordered two BBQ Platters, two Dancing Fish (fried fish, the restaurant's name sake) - one w sambal and the other w mango kerabu, a whole Bebek Goreng (fried duck), a whole Ayam Panggang (fried chicken), sambal prawns, pucuk paku vege, beef rendang...what else? I think that was about it, I guess.

Ya, I know.
For 6 people.

I didn't really get to eat everything though, cause I was too busy handling the fussy pot Dylan who was being extremely fussy tonight.

Whatever that I did try though, did not disappoint. The fish - awesome! The duck - awesome! The pucuk paku - awesome! The prawns - awesome! The beef rendang - awesome!

For dessert, we had cendol w durian ice-cream, and lemongrass jelly with mango rolls and durian rolls.

The durian rolls - awesome!!!!

(i'm making myself sooooool super hungry now!!!)

Dinner came up to RM516 in total (including drinks and beer and rice and etc. Their barley is refillable by the way).

Will definitely come back again.
So glad there's gonna be a branch in Setia City Mall!

BlossomMich, have a great birthday, a fantastic Mother's Day and many many more to come, yes!

Here's to 15 years of friendship and counting! Muaks muaks muaks!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Labors Day

Today is May 1st.

In exactly 2 months from today, my life is gonna be completely different from how it has been all these while.

I'm having mixed feelings.
I'm excited about the changes.
I'm happy we were given this opportunity.
I feel blessed, even.
I'm nervous about the future.
I'm worried things might not be what I'm imagining it to be.
I'm scared of the unfamiliarity.
I'm curious about how life will be.
I'm looking forward to embracing a whole new culture, country.

But I know very well that this change is for the best.

I know because God told me :)

So here's to 2 more months of familiarity!