Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cramping & Instagram pics

Blogging from my phone because I realized my last blog was like from ages ago.

Decided to be lazy (and because it's already 1.30am) and just cramp in as much as I can of what's been happening. Cheated by including Instagram pics ;)

Have not walked the pasar malam since before I gave birth to Dylan so we decided to give it a try last Sat.

Went at 6pm hoping to beat the crowd.
Ya right.
Almost died.
Felt like I went through war when we finally got home.

Tapowed nasi lemak, tambah nasi, with paru for my dinner and had durians for dessert.

Celebrated my Fil's birthday the following day. They came over, SK bought 6 slices of cakes (for 5 ppl) from Secret Recipe for the cake cutting + candle blowing + song singing session, out of which NOBODY ate so I ended up keeping 4 freaking slices of cake in my fridge.

The other 2 slices my Mil wanted me to keep as well but I made her take it back (what the hell was I gonna do with 6 slices of cakes anyways). At first she didn't want but when she overheard me telling SK that I'll give those cakes to the guards if his parents don't want it, she quickly agreed to bring it back with her.

Renee's school was closed last week (and will stay close till next Wed) due to HFMD so instead of being cooped up at home with Dylan and her one whole day and driving myself crazy, I decided to bring her to that new playland in 1U.

Kathryne and Roy met us there. Kathryne and I for gossip session, Renee and Roy for play date session.

The kids enjoyed themselves so much they each 'stole' a balloon from there.

RM20 per child, unlimited time, definitely worth it!

My dinner of nasi lemak, tambah nasi, with paru and fried drumstick during one of those nights I was too lazy to cook.

Today, I attempted to make pancakes for the very first time!

As you can see, I failed miserably.


...both Renee and SK gobbled up the entire plate. I only ate 3 pieces ( and the 3 pieces I ate were the ones nobody wanted cos they were overly burnt -_-' ).

Our new couch also arrived today.
Bright bright red!
Custom made especially for me!!!
So happy!

Both kiddos also enjoying the new couch.
Good riddance to our old white couch which was covered with scribbles, puke / poo / pee / food stains!

Was complaining over and over again about how Chatime is sprouting up all over the world BUT in Setia Alam when I stumbled across this gem today!

We attempted going to the pasar malam again, to tapow dinner, when I spotted a new shop nearby.

Ice Cooler.

Sells bubble tea drinks.
So of course I had to try.
I had their signature pearl milk tea and SK had their Honey Lemon Honey Vinegar drink.

So super yummy!
And the pearls nice and chewy!
Can definitely give Chatime a run for their money.

Dylan, sleeping like a boss, while we sat around drinking our Ice Coolers.

Tapowed nasi lemak (again!) for dinner. This time from a Chinese nasi lemak seller.

My dinner - nasi lemak (tambah nasi) with curry wild boar and sambal sotong...


Also saw putu piring and since I've been craving for it since last week, decided to give it a try.


NEVER again!

Ya. That's all I've been doing.
Eating nasi lemak on almost and everyday basis.
Certain advantages breastfeeding, no?